Post Ritual: Events/Performances/Art (2003)

An International Interdisciplinary Conference of the Focused Research Activity in Visual and Performance Studies


Ritual In/Around Experimental Theatre

Richard Schechner, Performance Studies, NYU


The Re-engagement of Ritual on Everyday Life: Anna Halprin's Dances 1960-1980

Janice Ross, Drama, Stanford


The Body in Flux: Myth and Dissolution of Ana Mendieta

Anne Creissels, History and Theory of Arts, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris


Rituals of Truth, Acts of Reconciliation: The TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission) in South Africa

Catherine Cole, Dramatic Arts, Stanford


The French Court Ballet as Intermediary Form

Giovanni Careri, History and Theory of Arts, Ecole de Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris


Grotowski, "Spirit Possession", and the Anthropology of Performance

Virginie Magnat, Theatre UC Santa Diego


Echolocations: Acoustic Form and the Shape of Ritual Space

Donald Brenneis, Anthropology, UCSC


Situation and Event: Playing Times, Playing Contexts

Tyrus Miller, Literature, UCSC


Community Theatre as Performative Intervention in the African AIDS Pandemic

Ola Johansson, Theatre Studies, Stolkholm University


Cunningham Not by Chance

Mark Bartlett, History of Consciousness, UCSC


Jackson Pollock's  Action Painting and Expressionist Ritual

Catherine Soussloff, Art History, UCSC


The Terrorist Event

Bill Nichols, Film Studies, SF State


Ritually Failing: Turner's (Hegelian) Performance

Andrew Wegley, History of Consciousness, UCSC


Given Movement: Dance and the Event

Mark Franko, Theatre Arts, UCSC


Gesture, Dance, and Ritual: A Second Look at the Early and Late Gregory Bateson

Sally Ness, Anthropology, UC Riverside