Reenactmant Workshop 2013

Thursday, January 17th at 5:30 in Humanities 1, Conference Room 210: Rebecca Schneider (Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, Brown University) will speak on:ACTING IN RUINS  If 20th-century time-based arts were often interested in the radical potential of a instantaneous "Now!," 21-century time-based arts manifest a more multiple or porous temporality. What is sometimes called "live art" has become vibrantly investment in the once "dead" rendered "live" -- again. Documents turn from records to scripts. This paper looks at the almost frenzied drive to reanimation in the art world through the lens of a "dead" form -- dramatic theatre -- and asks about that frenzy's relation to circuits of exchange in late, late, and later capitalism. Rebecca Schneider, Chair of the Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, teaches performance studies, theater studies, and theories of intermedia. She is the author of The Explicit Body in Performance (Routledge, 1997) and Performing Remains: Art and War in Times of Theatrical Reenactment (Routledge 2011). She has co-edited the anthology Re:Direction: A Theoretical and Practical Guide to 20th-Century Directing. She is a consortium editor for TDR: The Drama Review, contributing editor to Women and Theatre, coeditor with David Krasner of the book series "Theatre: Theory/Text/Performance" with University of Michigan Press, and consulting editor for the series "Performance Interventions" with Palgrave McMillin. Schneider has published essays in several anthologies, including Psychoanalysis and PerformanceActing Out: Feminist Performance, Performance and Cultural Politics, Performance Cosmologies, Performance and the City, and the essay "Solo Solo Solo" in After Criticism. As a "performing theorist," she has collaborated with artists at such sites as the British Museum in London and the Mobile Academy in Berlin, and delivered lectures at museums such as the Guggenheim in New York and the Gulbenkian in Lisbon.   REENACTMENT WORKSHOP Professor Schneider’s talk will be followed on Friday, January 18th, with a “Reenactment Workshop” from 9:30am until 6pm in Humanities 210. Working papers will be pre-circulated and short presentations will be followed by discussion. Participants confirmed at this time include: Karen Bassi (UCSC), Seeta Changanti (UCD), Mark Franko (UCSC), Jens Giersdorf (UCR), Shannon Jackson (UCB), Tyrus Miller (UCSC), Carrie Noland (UCI), Janice Ross (Stanford), Catherine Soussloff (UBC), Ted Warburton (UCSC), and Hayden White (emeritus UCSC). Faculty and students who wish to attend the workshop and receive the working papers should contact Mark Franko:   These programs are supported by a grant from the Arts Research Institute, UCSC. Please contact Jenna Purcell for more information: