Seminars and Lectures

2009-2010 VPS Seminar Series: Difficult Diaglogues: Sites and Sights of Trauma in Visual Culture

2008-09 VPS Seminar Series: Voices for Visualities and Performativities 

Winter 2008: Graduate Seminar, "Embodiment: Visuality and Performance" 


2008 VPS Seminar Series: Visual Histories/Performance Histories

2007 VPS Seminar Series: Visual Histories/Performance Histories  

2006-07 VPS Seminar Series: Performing Spaces

2005-06 VPS Seminar Series: Visualities/Geographies II

2004-05 VPS Seminar Series: Visualities/Geographies I

2003-04 VPS Lectures/Performances: Yvonne Rainer: An Evening of Sixties Films and Commentary

2003-04 VPS Seminar Series: Visual Politics in History

2002-03 VPS Seminar Series: Movement, Community, and Ideologies of the Visual (Germany 1920-1940)

2001-02 VPS Speaker Series: Performing the Image

Speakers: John Lechte, Macquarie University; Peggy Phelan, New York University

VPS Lecture presented with Pre- and Early Modern Studies and Theatre Arts: Dance as Art and Politics in Fifteenth-Century Italy

Lecture by Barbara Sparti

April 28, 2000